Petrocash is an online database serving the upstream petroleum industry with respect to texts of laws, contracts and concessions, fiscal and tax terms, world wide competitive ratings, comparative legal analysis and government addresses and websites.

Petrocash provides information for more than 240 countries, states, provinces and territories in the world.

In addition, Petrocash includes a comprehensive economic model that incorporates a wide range of fiscal concepts, including signature bonuses, royalties, production sharing, corporate income tax, ROR-based taxes, R-factors, as well as incremental analysis.

Included with the model are spreadsheets representing the fiscal terms of over 500 fiscal systems from around the world. These spreadsheets can be plugged into the model and executed with your own economic model to compare results with other fiscal systems.

For more extensive analysis, the Premium Rating Edition also comes with the Petrocash Rating System, an application that can be used to easily compare fiscal terms against any of the included 500+ fiscal systems or with other fiscal systems of your own design. With the Rating System, you can compare on any number of economic variables in a variety of ways to generate your own ranking of fiscal systems of your choosing.

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Petrocash Features:
  • Searchable repository of over 1600 documents related to oil and gas legislation
  • Comprehensive economic model for generating and evaluating fiscal terms
  • Pluggable spreadsheets for over 500 fiscal systems around the world

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